Germany is a country that has been hosting migrants from all over the world for many years. Many of them have fled their country for political reasons, seeking a safe place to live. But others have come to work, and it is about them that Alice Baumann, owner and managing partner of GLOBUS immigration & relocation, told us. The organization operates throughout the country, including in Mainz, where they have an office.

Globus is an organization that helps companies hire workers from abroad. Among its tasks is to help organize all the necessary documents required when hiring a person from abroad. Thanks to this endeavor, not only do the people who often decide to stay in Germany indefinitely benefit, but also the companies that acquire high-class specialists from all over the world. 

How does the process of finding migrants look like? 

Firstly, companies are looking for employees, which would like to work in Germany. It is very important, because if somebody does not want to move, we can not do anything. This is about opportunity, but also willingness. Before we transfer any employee, companies have to contact us. But it is not about asking for a worker. Company representatives make a conversation with us, to let us know that they choose an employee, talked with him, but they need help with transferring him to Germany. They agreed about start a job for example on November. So if possible, we try to move him straight to the company.

What is the next step?

We help with documents. All of the employees have a visa, passports and anything more which is necessary. Then a worker is ready to move. This is what we do.

Do companies pay you for doing this?

We do not take any salary. It’s like service we offer. 

« This is an opportunity for people from abroad to find what they are looking for in Germany, Europe. »

What is the reason you are doing this? Is there not enough German to work? 

Some companies would like to have not only German citizens, but more international people, teams, because of international scope. This is an opportunity for people from abroad to find what they are looking for in Germany, Europe. Employees, which already got along with a company have to post propositions to the labor office. There is no other way. Transfers are different. Sometimes its like an intercompany move.

How about place to live for them?

Most of them have a temporary house. They rent a flat and company pays for a while. Then employees have to look for apartments in Germany on their own. Some companies pay for four weeks, some for two months. It depends on them.

Who are the new employees? 

They are highly educated people around the world. Ingest of companies is checking diplomas from university all the rest necessary documents related to education. All of them have qualifiers. They also have common job interview, but earlier they have to send a CV and recommendation letters. Just like people in Germany.
Those people come from all over the world. But the important thing is they are not refugees. They came to Germany to work. They are not leaving their country because of political reason.

How long is the process of transferring them to Germany?

It’s difficult to say. It could be around three months, because the entire visa process takes so long. It will be four months before they start to work.

How many refugees can you transfer by month? 

Varies, but as a rule about 500. 

What happens when they finish the work? 

Some of them will return to their country, the rest will stay in Germany. It is up to them. I do not know exactly what happened to each of them after they finish work, because when we transfer those people to Germany, we are done. We do not have any contact with them. Sometimes companies want them to go back to Japan or somewhere, but a lot of them stay in Germany for a long time or forever. 

Texte, propos recueillis et photos : Pawel Sladek